Recycling Stations

Recycling stations

The communities of the pacific coast of Colombia, have been burning, and burying their trash! They are just starting to understand how harmful it is for the environment and their health. All though we are in the middle of a National Park, there is absolutely no where to properly dispose any of the inhabitants or visitors trash.

Recycling System

Protocolos para manejo de residuos 2020

We are working on installing a series of recycling stations made out of 100% recycled plastic:

  • Each station is located on strategic points along the 3 neighbor communities of Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, and La Barra.
  • The stations are a composition of recycling bins, roof, educational sign about the local species and a bench to sit, read the sign and reflect about the importance of protecting the paradise you are in. We already got our first station donated by Colombina.
  • We need 29 more.


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