Estación de reciclaje Capurganá

Operation Station #1 in Capurganá with Coca-Cola Foundation

This was our adventure in Capurganá!

This dream began with our dear friend @kuku_sub from @ikariadivinghostel and our meeting at @karenspizzaoficial , when we began to visualize the recycling stations in Acandí, and this 2021, this dream has manifested thanks to the support of @cocacacolacol #FundacionCocaCola .

EcoPazifico arrived at a very opportune moment in the community of Capurganá!  The APRESERVAR hotel guild has been working for several years on this type of space for the proper disposal of waste in the area, the @plasticaware_colombia foundation had started an environmental education program with young people in the territory, and JACASEP, the community council’s sanitation company, was already in the process of closing the open dump and opening a sanitary landfill with the full force of the law.

The Capurganá community council is well aware that the best waste is that which is not generated, and that garbage is only garbage when it is not recycled. However, the challenges of good waste management are very similar to those of the other coastal territories of Colombia we know. 

During the month of April, we were socializing the arrival of the new recycling stations in the community, and during the permaculture week, we made a beautiful mural with MAPARE, in which children from 0 to 100 years old participated. It was directed by the Great-Goddess ALEJANDRA GUTIÉRREZ and our friend and local artist NIÑO DIOS. As always we are infinitely grateful to all the people who supported our initiative and especially to #FundacionCocaCola and @cocacacolacol for contributing to the cleanliness of the beaches of our beautiful Colombia. 

During the week of installation, and creation of the Mapare Mural, the Ecopazifico team, and the youth of the educational program of @plasticaware_colombia we visited the beaches between “Plan Parejo” and “Bahía Aguacate” to leave them cleaner and according to the majestic landscape of that beautiful paradise!

We collected 516 kilos in two days in only 2 kilometers.

A part of the collected material was used in the creation of the mural that @alejandragutierrez463 created and the other part went to the JACASEP collection center, where “Chucho” the town recycler, shreds or packs it, to send it to the interior of the country, but hopefully soon these Recyclable materials can be transformed and marketed in the same community.

The participants won as a prize, bamboo toothbrushes, sent to us by our friends from @almarsoluciones to strengthen these educational programs in the coastal communities of Colombia! As in all of Colombia’s coastal communities, this is quite a challenge. However, we are very happy to be able to do our bit in this beautiful paradise.

his beautiful station was built in the city of Cartagena by our friends from the plastic wood factory, @ecoazulco, and moved to Capurganá by our National Army of Colombia that has supported us so much in this type of activity. 

The infographic of this station, created by our wonderful Bibiana Gonzáles Rocha, invites tourism to follow

3 simple steps to reduce plastic pollution in this territory and in any corner of the planet.

1. Use reusable utensils such as thermos, cups, bags, straws, etc…

2. Help clean up the beach.

3. Return home with your waste and recycle it!

Thanks to #FundacionCocaCola for supporting these important initiatives for our planet right now. @cocacolacol 👊

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