Station 3 Capurganá

Operation Station #3 in Capurganá with Coca-Cola

To celebrate recycling station #3 installed on Capurganá beach, Rommy Schreiber from @eco_pazifico and Ilana Levy from @caliclown, visited the territory to take a tour of the establishments near the beach, and see how their recycling habits were with this new station on the beach.

Although many of them separate their trash, they are still getting used to the fact that the white bag is for recyclables and the black bag for ordinary.
In Capurganá a lot of cardboard comes out, it is very bulky and is sold at a very low cost in the city of turbo. In places like Bahía aguacate and Sapzurro, we see that it is better to use cardboard for composting than to accumulate it.

Many establishments give their organic waste to the town’s pigs, something that makes it much easier not to contribute to Capurganá’s open-pit landfill that is on the verge of collapse.

Ilana Levy @ilanadecolombia with her character Gladys from @caliclown gave a green card to those who give good waste management. Red card to those who don’t much and a yellow card to those who committed to improve!
We also handed out signage for recycling bins in Aguacate Bay, Sapzurro, and supermarkets in town. We hope that together with #Jacasep, the town’s cleaning company, these habits can be strengthened and people become aware of the future of the next generations!

This third recycling station was installed at the beginning of the path of a very magical place called Coquerita, leaving the beach of Capurganá. To get to this magical place, you have to walk 1 hour. It is one of the most beautiful walks you will ever do in your life.

Being such a secluded place, it is difficult to evacuate the debris that comes with the tides. However, it’s not impossible, we got together with @youngtravelersco travelers and the coquerita team and left one of the beaches spotless in just 3 hours.

At the end of the day when we thought we should walk back to town carrying sacks, a friendly boat showed up and offered to pick us up and take us back to town with the sacks. We felt that mother earth was thanking us for this work.
The beach was impeccable!

What we found the most on this beach were flip flops, rigid plastic and pet bottles.
The rigid plastic or #mapare, was great to make a mosaic, and the beach was full of divine rafts to make a little house with more time, more hands and more sacks we could create something beautiful in that spot!

In the cleanup 10 formidable participated and collected 131 kgs.
✨PET: 23 kg
✨Pasta: 45kg
✨Tapitas: 6 kgs.
✨Slippers: 57 kg

For the construction of this station 600 kilos of post-consumer plastic were used, it was built by our friends from @ecopazul, and transferred from Cartagena in the BDA ship of our beloved @armadacolombia.

This station has an infographic that teaches us step by step how to make compost in remote, coastal, paradisiacal, and ecosystemically rich places in Colombia, in order to reduce the generation of methane gas in landfills. This gas is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so returning organic waste to the land through composting is an excellent alternative to avoid the harmful effects of these gases in the environment.

We thank @cocacolaco and #fundacióncocacola for supporting these initiatives that help us promote care for the environment 🌍 As well as @cocomanorte 🥥

Jacasep ♻️ @apreservar.dc and all the allied and formidable hotels that joined this operation station.

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