Permaculture Action Week

This program is designed for schools, universities, or private companies.

Our approach is highly adaptable, with program design customized to the unique needs, culture, and social structure of each community. We take great care to align our efforts with existing environmental education initiatives, collaborating with organizations and educators already active in the community. Our belief in the power of cooperation drives us to work closely with these partners, optimizing our teaching methods and resource utilization.

The Permaculture Action Week serves as an invitation to embrace responsibility and ingenuity in how we utilize our remaining resources and make conscious choices in our dietary habits. We firmly believe that our program can play a vital role in contributing to the overall well-being of our planet.

What is “MAPARE”?

Every piece of plastic found on the beach, is MAPARE : “Material Para revivir” (Material to revive!). Trash is a negative word and we want to cancel it from the vocabulary of children and volunteers!

We collect Mapare and separate it by colors and type of plastic or material. We are bringing the best finds of Mapare back to the city so that artists can create art pieces.

Infinity Kit.

For participating in the activities of Ecopazifico, the children get rewarded with the #Infinitykit. A set of reusable utensils to reduce consumption of plastic pollution.

You can also join our BUY ONE, GIVE ONE program. Please contact us.

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