Recycling station #3 Punta Arena

Operation Station #3 in Tierra Bomba with Coca-cola

In this Limpiaventura, we had the great honor of sharing our knowledge of Permaculture with the members of the infantry of the Tierra Bomba base.

They were with us in the titanic task of removing more than 17 tons of glass from the territory and with whom we began the adequacies of the future Permaculture center in the holistic hotel @Namastebeachclub.

The marines of Tierra Bomba @arc_fuerzanavaldelcaribe , learned about the recycling system, the 3 steps of the tourist, the 3 steps of the community, composting, and the technique of lasagna Gardening or vegetable garden lasagna. A way to do organic agriculture, using different layers of organic matter such as cardboard, sticks, straw, and soil to optimize the decomposition process.

We also created a compost bin, and these same methods will soon be replicated at the base of the island.

During that week the artist Maria Antonia Ruiz @mariantoniart from the island of San Andres, created a beautiful parrot fish with 1956 colorful bottle caps, to remind the inhabitants and visitors of Punta arena, the importance of taking care of marine species.

Do you know why this fish is called this way?
It has a curious dentition, it is like a compact block that serves to gnaw incessantly the reefs of its habitat. This structure resembles the beak of a parrot, which is why it is known by this name.

For the weekend of love and friendship, Ecopazifico and its allies @amigosdelmar @fundacion_bahía and @namastebeachclub, joined together to celebrate the international day of coastal regions, with a beach cleanup, in honor of the new recycling station installed in the territory.

In this cleanup we collected :
-Glass 71 kg
-PET 32 kg
-Rigid Plastic 5 kg
-Bottle caps 6 kg
-Ordinary 103 kg
-Aluminum 0.50 kg
-Scrap 6 kg

That day we exhibited the parrot fish mural made by our guest artist María Antonia Ruiz @mariantoniart and celebrated the rest of the day with yoga activities, and human mandalas at @namastebeachclub.

All these activities were done with the objective of inaugurating our recycling station #3 installed in the community of #puntaarena , which is becoming more and more beautiful. This station was manufactured by our friends from the plastic wood factory @ecoazulco with 600 kilos of recycled plastic wood.

In it both inhabitants and visitors will be able to dispose
these 4 recyclable materials:


The #guardaplayas of the environmental guard of Punta Arena, make sure that these 4 stations are kept clean, and the material is delivered to the association of recyclers of the community: Asocomangle.

The infographic of this station reminds us of 3 fundamental steps that we can follow to get used to live in a clean community:

  1. Separate waste in each
    (recyclables, organic, sanitary)
  2. Do not burn or bury waste in marshes, beaches or on trails.
  3. Keeping the surroundings of each area clean at all times.

We trust the community.
We trust the tourists.
We trust in humanity.

As always we are immensely grateful to the @armadacolombia for being part of our project and contributing each time to the environmental education of the remote and coastal territories of Colombia. We also thank our allies @amigosdelmar @fundacion_bahia and @guardia_ambiental_colombia for being part of our team.

Infinite thanks @cocacolacol and #fundacioncocacola for supporting this project.

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