Operation Station 1 in LADRILLEROS with Coca-Cola Foundation

Mapare Route interactive Map

We are immensely happy and grateful to announce that #fundacioncocacola @cocacolacol is now also part of our sponsors, as they have joined our eco-trail RUTA DEL MAPARE, understanding that environmental education is essential to strengthening the culture of recycling in our country.

The permaculture action week was all about reminding the community how to manage the different types of waste generated in the community.

This time we went home by the home since the pandemic is really stopping children from attending school.

Our formidable permaculture teachers @willi_vasquez14 from @parque_botanicoladespensita and Camilo Ramirez @ingcamilor, dedicated themselves to strengthen the recycling system making door-to-door visits to the communities  of Juanchaco and  Ladrilleros.

In this socialization, 190 families (457 people) were impacted, most of whom showed enormous gratitude to Ecopazifico for its perseverance and commitment to clean the beaches.

Environmental education is a fundamental tool for recycling stations to make sense.

That is why our team spends so much time designing holistic and educational programs where art, music, creativity and joy are key elements for communication that activates awareness in an authentic and genuine way reaching the hearts of the people who live in these remote territories of our country.

This program also includes 4 recycling stations for the URAMBA territories, 4 stations for the PUNTA ARENA community in Tierra Bomba island in CARTAGENA-BOLIVAR and 4 stations for  the community of CAPURGANA in ACANDI-CHOCO.

We will be sharing with you the educational and socialziation programs, Operation statations, beach clen ups, and  art projects that invovle this program, so STAY TUNED!

To celebrate the first recycling station, more than 40 volunteers joined our call.

We classified 300 kg of recyclable materials and Styrofoam, and transferred 55 sacks and 4 big bags to a new recollection point that the community council of Juancahco  has given us to continue the beach clean ups and classification.

Recycled plastic lumber, is our favorite alternative to avoid illegal lodging.

Plastic is a fine, durable material, but when its not recycled, it becomes a threat to ecosystems.

That is why our recycling stations are built in 100% recycled plastic lumber, by the factory ECOPLASTICOS EL TREBOL by our dear friend Jhonny and his team!

Thanks to #fundacioncocacola @cocacolacol we managed to get ECOPALSITCOS  EL TRÉBOL  to reuse  almost one ton of plastic to create the recycling station located near the Educational Institution of Ladrilleros.

Thus, we prevent that material from reaching our water sources and oceans.

The station have the function of collecting Plastic, Glass, Metal, and Styrofam.

At this station you will find a beautiful map of the territory, that tells us where to locate the  the recycling stations. This and all our infographics are made by our graphic designer BIBIANA GONZALES ROCHA! WE love her!

Always thanks to the Community Councils of Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, and La Barra for believing in a better planet for future generations of their communities and to all our local allies for always supporting our initiatives.

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