Our team

Our crew is a resilient group of individuals with different professional backgrounds, with one common purpose: See the beaches of Colombia free of plastic.

Rommy Schreiber

Co-founder & President

Rommy is the Co-founder of Ecopazifico in Germany in 2014 and Ecopazifico Foundation in Colombia in 2016. Her path on activism started at an early age in the mountains of Colombia, but it was later in Berlin when she decided to be at full service. She studied Dance and movement therapy and then became a Sivananda Yoga and Acro Yoga instructor. Now she studies permaculture design and directs the Ecopazifico educational programs, beach clean-up operations, and recycling systems being implemented in the Pacific and Caribean Coasts of Colombia.

Andrea Aramburo

Co-Founder Vicepresident

Environmental administrator with an emphasis on management of natural resources and community environmental management. She has worked in recent years with coastal communities of fishermen on the Colombian Pacific coast, focusing on participatory and adaptive community management of resources and solid waste management. Andrea has experience working interdisciplinary in the diagnosis, implementation, and management of environmental projects. Today Andrea also works for the WWF on administration processes. Andrea runs the Ecopazifico administration and makes sure all our paperwork is on point.

Liliana Lemos


Liliana is an accountant at the Santiago de Cali University, with more than 20 years of experience in the solidarity sector and non-profit organizations. Counsel and tax adviser in various associations and foundations of protection to the environment and animals. She is the Ecopazífico accountant.

Ana Vergara

Community Manager

Colombian entrepreneur, professional in foreign languages, art, and nature lover. She believes in the art of communication as a strategy for change and transformation of society. She enjoys creating creative experiences for others, through lettering and watercolor and in that way connecting with herself and her environment.

Mauricio Morales

Mauricio Morales

Web designer / developer

Mauricio is a web designer and developer with more than 11 years of professional experience in the design industry. He loves art and nature and is convinced that this world is borrowed and our way through it must be responsible and sustainable. His concern for the irresponsible way in which we have related to the planet has led him to act with the objective of contributing something to this world, for which he became an active participant in Ecopazifico, contributing with his knowledge in the field digital to ensure that the foundation has an appropriate presence on the network. He also enjoys participating in volunteer activities.

Bibiana González

Graphic Designer

She is a passionate Graphic Designer and Photographer. Bibiana has built a visionary way to face up the daily challenges in life through her experiences lived in the professional and personal way. The diversity of cultures and the context in which she has lived had led her to the conviction that all we humans have to contribute to improving the quality of life as we live in our society. There are many causes to work for, but she highly supports environmental responsibility because is one of our biggest issues right now. That’s why she joined the Ecopazifico movement. She leads creative teams in digital projects, and marketing, developing communication skills, user experience knowledge, and capability to make messages so easy to understand and connect with.

Alejandro Ballesteros

Audiovisual content creator

Multimedia Engineering student with experience in video editing and special effects creation. Passionate about discovering new perspectives of different environments and cultures, to contribute through art and engineering to the protection of nature.

Diana Gómez


Diana Marcela Gómez, Master in Plastic Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, specialist in Cultural Policies and Cultural Management from the Universidad Autónoma de México and Specialist in Art Therapy from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Argentina. Mother of Matías and Lucas. Lover of nature, the beach, working with children, and art with a social purpose. Believes in the small actions of many people as the real change.

Marion Vergara


Cartagena artist, graffiti artist [ professional in Business Administration ] through color seeks to share the energy of the Caribbean with the world, believes that art is not the drawing, if not the way you relate to each moment and forgive while you leave your mark, and make us art about what we do when we leave our mark where we go through each day of life. Smile is the word he uses to share his message.⭐️⚡️

Andrés Caicedo

Art director

Andrés is an Architect skilled in Art Direction / Product Design and Desing Management; emphasized developing itinerant, scenographic, ludic, and permanent domestic spaces. Broad exposure to Television Production and Production Design, oriented from aesthetics, as a fundament of Culture and Arts. Competencies in organization, forecast, recursion, and teamwork. Great adaptability and personal relationships. Andres is the esthetic advisor for Ecopazifico and makes sure things are looking beautiful and harmonious around activities and clean-ups.

Myriam Herrera Roldan

Myriam Herrera Roldan


Professional in Plastic Arts, stained glass, charcoal muralist with the teacher Hebert Astudillo. Universidad del Valle Cinara care of water resources didactic works made in wood, winner of the Condor Cali governor’s award. Linked with Ecopazifico since 2016.

Diana Malagón

Communication and Marketing
Graphic and Advertising Designer with excellent interpersonal relationships, with great executive and strategic capacity, experience in digital creation that has led her to understand the needs and requirements of her clients in an assertive manner. Her focus has always been to serve as a bridge for teamwork, users, project managers, creatives and developers to flow, with the identity of each brand and its functionality with technology as its axis.

Miguel Angel Ch.

Digital entertainment developer

According to market trends and insights and constant training, it integrates and lands in the digital world, the needs and objectives of each client, brand and project.

Passionate about programming, creativity, entertainment and advertising, focused on virtual reality products, video games, video mapping, interactive applications, ecommerce, process automation. Currently project manager at Keyframe Studio.

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