Operation Station #4 in Capurganá with Coca-cola

We were in the territory of #Capurganá ending a year of extreme productivity. Neither the pandemic nor the strikes were obstacles to contribute to the care of our planet.

This last visit of the year 2021 to the territory of Capurganá was very profitable because the ministry of the environment @minambientecol , the ministry of housing @minvivienda and the superintendence, with whom we visited the open-pit landfill, and the collection center, which are on the verge of collapse as almost all dumps of the Pacific , Atlantic, and the Colombian Caribbean.

Through environmental education and socialization programs, we must achieve that people become more empathetic and coherent with the environment where they live.

We hope that these ties and attention of the ministries to the territory, provide the necessary support to these communities that need it so much! Meanwhile, Ecopazifico will continue to manage with sponsors, allies and friends, the resources that can contribute to improving the recycling systems of the community and mitigate the arrival of waste to the landfill, which should become a sanitary landfill only for sanitary waste as its name suggests.

The real environmental heroes of Capurganá are the workers of the community council’s sanitation company: #Jacasep Thanks to their hard work in Capurganá there has not been an environmental catastrophe.

To celebrate Capurganá station #4 , the #Formidbales of Ecopazifico went to Sapzurro where their friends from @casamolahostel , to join forces and clean the beaches of the paradisiacal Cabo Tiburón.

Exaggerated amounts of micro plastics, bottles, and flip flops make the beauty of this paradise is interrupted by great frustration.

We collected: 38.27 kgs.

✨PET: 8.61 kgs.

✨Glass: 18.57 kgs

✨Rigid plastic: 6.09 kgs

✨Lightweight plastic: 4.0 Kgs

✨Metal: 1 kgs

We hope that soon we will be able to evacuate everything that is accumulated in the collection center and that both Bahía Aguacate and Sapzurro can stop burning their waste and that which arrives from the sea, in addition to income generation.

This fourth recycling station in Capurganá was built with 600 kg of post-consumer plastic by our friends from @ecoazulco, and transported from Cartagena to the territory by our dear @armadacolombia.

The infographic of this station can be found at the back of station #1 in the field. This one shares with us how to give management to the 3 different groups of waste generated in the area:



✨Sanitary or unusable waste

and how we can manage them to mitigate our environmental impact on the territory.

We invite you to watch on our Youtube channel 4 educational videos we made with the beautiful voice of @margaritamariaortega where we explain this system, the 3 steps of the ideal tourist, and the 3 steps to live in a clean community.

We thank @cocacacolacol and #fundacioncocacola for their support of this project. And to all our Formidables and allies


#Jacasep ♻️


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