Estaci├│n de reciclaje Villa Paz-Ladrilleros

Operation Station Villa Paz-Ladrilleros with Coca-Cola Foundation

Despite the fact that Colombia is in this “Parondemia” (Strike and Pandemic)

The Formidables ­čĺ¬ team of Ecopazifico managed to finish the installation of recycling station #9 of the Ecological trail: “Ruta del Mapare”.

During this visit, we managed to establish a maintenance and cleaning program of the recycling stations together with the environmental committee of the community council of Ladrilleros. 

The members of this committee love their community and want to see it clean and with a strong and coherent recycling culture. It is a pleasure to be able to offer these remote communities in Colombia educational tools that are intended to help mitigate plastic pollution in the oceans.

To inaugurate this new station, our Formidables team did a cleanup in the mangroves of Ladrilleros, together with our friend Javier, from the Wounaan community.

Did you know that this ecosystem can capture up to 5 times more carbon than other tropical forests?

Its soils are highly effective carbon sinks. It is for this reason that they are important lungs of the planet. Sadly ­čą║ when the tide rises in these natural pools all kinds of waste accumulates, which if not collected, deteriorate this fragile ecosystem. ­čĺö

Our Formidables removed 23 kilos of plastic from the mangrove! We are very happy to be able to continue strengthening the recycling culture in this territory.

This beautiful station was manufactured by our friends from the plastic wood factory #ELTREBOL in the city of Cali and moved by our friends from Juanchaco to the territory. Thanks to it, a ton of post-consumer plastic stopped reaching the water sources of our region.

When you pass through Villa Paz, look for the station and visit the Wounaan community, where you will find beautiful, unique, and exclusive handmade crafts. Our station pays homage to this indigenous community, their ancestral knowledge, and culture, informing tourists and locals about it.

Thank you #FundacionCocaCola and @CocaColaCol for joining Ecopazifico!

Infinite thanks to the Wounaan community of Ladrilleros for their hospitality, love, and friendship. We also thank the community council and environmental committee of Ladrilleros and the entire hotel trade of the territory for valuing the importance of this project in the territory, our Formidables team, and all the neighbors of the recycling stations for taking care of them and valuing them.

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