Operation Station in Ladrilleros with Coca-Cola Foundation

This was our week of permaculture and environmental education for the inauguration of recycling station #4 in Ladrilleros-Media Playa, in front of our friends from @hostelcasaazul.

Our Formidables from @caliclown were on the beaches of Juanchaco, ladrilleros and la barra, collecting Mapare, inviting tourists to enjoy paradise with consciousness, and reminding the community 3 fundamental steps to live in a clean community.

1. Separate waste at home.

  • Recycables
  • Organic
  • Sanitary

2. Do not burn or bury waste on the beaches.

3. Keep the area around the house clean at all times.

The environmental committee of Ladrilleros also joined this day and cleaned the streets and trails of the community.

During this day 198 kilos of debris were collected.

Our #4 station in Ladrilleros was made with 600 kilos of post-consumer polypropylene by our friends from the plastic wood factory #ELTREBOL. This station invites the population to deposit in a sorted way:

– Plastic – Glass – Metal – Icopor

Although cardboard is a recyclable material, it gets very wet in this part of the country, so we prefer to ask the community to compost it.

Even though polystyrene is not commercial in this part of the country, it is still abundant on these beaches, and we are collecting it to prevent it from leaching into the ecosystems.

The recycling stations are fundamental tools so that in this type of remote and coastal communities of Colombia, we can have places for the proper disposal of recyclable materials.

Infinite thanks to #FundacionCocaCola and @CocaColaCol for contributing to our project with this recycling station.

Join the tour LA RUTA DEL MAPARE, from Juanchaco to Ladrilleros, you will find 10 stations with educational infographics to take care of the territory. Our next Limpiaventura will be October 11-17 in Juanchaco. Yoga and AcroYoga cleaning retreat, for the Marimba y Playa festival!  *Click here for more information*

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