Station 4 Capurgana

Operation Station Tierra Bomba #4 with Coca-cola

To inaugurate station #4 of Punta Arena on the island of Tierra, Beach Rangers Rocio and Ana Rosa from the @guardia_ambiental_colombia of Punta Arena, visited house by house inviting neighbors, family, and friends of the community, to get to know the new recycling station and make good use of it.

The theme of this socialization was to emphasize the practice of composting in the community. In it we prioritized native restaurants and hotels located in the sector of the station, among them @hotelrestaurantearrecife, @portobluemoon, @miramira_beach_hotel received us in 5 houses of the neighbors, we clarified doubts and shared some routines that already demonstrate a beginning of the correct disposal of animal waste. In addition, we identified that despite the fact that some of them already recycle plastic and cans, they mix the rest of the waste due to lack of knowledge, so the topic was reinforced with the hotels and in one of them with visitors and guests.

Part of this socialization exercise was the process of creating a blue crab, a species that abounds on the island, with caps collected by our allied foundation @amigosdelmar, and the support of the wonderful Brayan @descafeinad.o Valery @valerin98 and Diana’s daughter from @fundacion_bahia.

You can see this beautiful crab when you visit the Punta Arena community, along with the Hawksbill turtle by Diana Gomez @arteterapiamar, the parrot fish by Maria Antonia @mariantoniart and the sea horse by

We are very happy to have the environmental guard as an ally and our Guardaplayas firm with the environmental education of this territory.

To celebrate Punta Arena community recycling station #4 , we synchronized the beach cleanup with the full moon day.

Volunteers from @fundacion_bahia, @amigosdelmar, and @namastebeachclub, visited us to walk the beaches and trails and collect the waste that should not be in these areas, if not in the recycling station, in the collection center of #asocomangle , in @ecoazulco becoming plastic wood, or in some recycling factory in Colombia.

In this clean-up, we noticed that there was a lot of sachet packaging, especially candy and water bags.

After the day we celebrated in the facilities of the eco-hotel @namastebeachclub, to the rhythm of Afro-house, with @djmontiel.em and @elduardolopez, yoga classes by @pranapana, and ended the night with songs by @rodrigomancera and @johannamarin and then a beautiful cocoa ceremony with @pilotodrone, and a concert of Tibetan bowls with @micheff.g , @ginafegali, and @healandtravel.

We also showcased the crab created by Maria Antonia @mariantoniart , Brayan @descafeinad.o , Valery @valerin98 and Diana’s daughter from @fundacion_bahia

In Punta Arena the beaches are getting cleaner and people are putting the stations to very good use. That makes us very happy 😍😍😍.

Punta Arena already has its fourth recycling station #4 💪🥳.

This beautiful station was made with 600 kilos of recycled plastic wood by our friends from @ecoazulco , you can find it on the beach next to @portobluemoon restaurant on the pirate street!

At this station we remind locals how to compost step by step.

In communities like punta arena and remote and coastal places in Colombia , most people have a garden and patio where they can put all the organic waste they generate; fruit, vegetable and egg shells, coffee grounds, and also dry leaves and sticks, ash, sawdust, and even cardboard.

Just create a hole under a tree and mix your organic waste with a shovel once a week.

It is very easy to take care of the planet, we just need to change our habits and think about the future of the next generations.

More and more Formidables are joining these initiatives! 😍😍😍

Thanks to all the volunteers and also thanks always to our allies, for all these actions that fill our souls with joy and motivation to continue caring for our planet. @cocacacolacol


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