Mapare ECOLIBRI Mural in Punta Arena, Caribean Coast Colombia

During the month of July, @The BeachHotelCartagenea, @FundacionAmigosDelMar , and @Ecopazifico, got together to co create this amazing mural made out of what we call #MAPARE : MATERIAL PARA REVIVIR, or Material to revive.

Designed by amazing guest artist @CVAZ

We are also now working with amazing scientist Nathaly Devia from Bogota, who just came back from China from designing and illustrating 18 new science children books! Just that!! ­čÖé
She is a genious and we feel so blessed to have her in our team.
She is not only coordinating Hotel operations, but also making sure the recycling system at the hotel is on point! We will give you an update about that really soon!

Thanks to Mitzy May and Juan pablo Duran for inviting all of us in your Eco/hotel and allowing us to have this experience together!

This colorful beach plastic was picked during past beach clean ups in Tierra Bomba and now finally used for this beautiful piece in honor of this very important pollinators: The

The school also has a new compost space, a new #Ecobrick Bench and a clear proposal to create a garden and get integrated to the local recylcing system in order to protect the Ecosistems through enviromental education.

This Mural opens a new scenario to the island Ecotourism, a new BIRD WATCHING experience is about to begin. Stay tuned if you want to participae in this ecoturistic activities in the paradise island of Tierra Bomba and be part of the permaculture program when you visit the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

visit : To make a reservation and stay in one of the most beautiful eco beach clubs on earth.

Full report of reycling system at School

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