volunteer beach cleanup Colombia


  • Place: Colombia – Juanchaco, Ladrilleros and La Barra.
  • Date: 17-09-2016.
  • Total trash collected 8000 Kgs (100%)

Our first collaboration with Ocean Conservancy was in september of 2016.

This year our first permaculture action week program was develop, synchronized with the international coastal clean up day of Ocean Consevancy.

From monday to friday the school kids, took part of our program; saw presentations, videos, and did creative activities to learn about global issues and how to see respond to those issues in their local town and every day life. link del programa de permacultura.

The clean up happened on Saturday where we collected 3 tons of all types of trash from the beach with the help of 83 volunteers. On Sunday a bottle lid mural was created with kids and local leaders to finalize the week!

You can see the pics in our Facebook page!

Link to ICC with Ocean Conservancy:

International Coastal Cleanup

Real data of waste trash collected on the beach clean up day: ECOPAZIFICO Beach Clean up Data Sept 17 2016 waste data.

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