Expedition on the Cauca River

Cali is one of the most privileged cities pf Colombia. 7 Rivers flow across the city and one of them is the Cauca River. The Cauca river has been suffering from alot of pollution and invasive homes and neighborhoods in the sorrounding of the river.
This is mayor problem since the possibilities of a catastrophee is high, if the river grows, the dam will colapse bringing down all the houses and flooding the city.

But The the city of Cali has a plan: Re ubicate these families in a nearby safe lands and recover the naturality of the river by making eco trails, bike routes, bird watching,and educational activities.

Ecopazifico got invited with the team of the PLAN JARILLÓN and the Scout group #809 to navigate along the river and have a clear perspective of the opportunities that this plan has to offer the city. The city knows that with groups like the Scouts and volunteers like Ecopazifico, a lot of environmental protection activities can be done.

We are very grateful to have seen the beauty of the river and pray for society to work together for its recovery.

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