marzo 18, 2024

Estábamos en el territorio de #Capurganá cerrando un año de extrema productividad. Ni la pandemia ni los paros fueron obstáculos para contribuir al cuidado de nuestro planeta.

Station 4 Capurgana

To inaugurate station #4 of Punta Arena on the island of Tierra, Beach Rangers Rocio and Ana Rosa from the @guardia_ambiental_colombia of Punta Arena, visited house by house inviting neighbors, family, and friends of the community, to get to know the new recycling station and make good use of it. The theme of this socialization […]

Station 3 Capurganá

To celebrate recycling station #3 installed on Capurganá beach, Rommy Schreiber from @eco_pazifico and Ilana Levy from @caliclown, visited the territory to take a tour of the establishments near the beach, and see how their recycling habits were with this new station on the beach.

Recycling station #3 Punta Arena

In this Limpiaventura, we had the great honor of sharing our knowledge of Permaculture with the members of the infantry of the Tierra Bomba base, who were with us in the titanic task of removing more than 17 tons of glass from the territory and with whom we began the adequacies of the future Permaculture center in the holistic hotel @Namastebeachclub.

Estación #2 Capurgana

Capurganá is a territory of approximately 5000 inhabitants, and its community protects and preserves the ecosystem, however, there are great challenges that prevent good waste management in the territory.

In this opportunity, we were in the territory socializing the 3 steps to live in a clean community.

This was our week of permaculture and environmental education for the inauguration of recycling station #4 in Ladrilleros-Media Playa, in front of our friends from @hostelcasaazul

Recycling station Tierra bomba

Tierra Bomba now has its second recycling station located in Punta Arena. 

During the socialization and environmental education process, the community was asked to follow 3 steps to mitigate plastic pollution on beaches, trails, and marshes.

Estación de reciclaje Villa Paz-Ladrilleros

When you pass through Villa Paz, look for the station and visit the Wounaan community, where you will find beautiful, unique, and exclusive handmade crafts. Our station pays homage to this indigenous community, their ancestral knowledge, and culture, informing tourists and locals about it.

Estación de reciclaje Capurganá

This was our adventure in Capurganá! This dream began with our dear friend @kuku_sub from @ikariadivinghostel and our meeting at @karenspizzaoficial , when we began to visualize the recycling stations in Acandí, and this 2021, this dream has manifested thanks to the support of @cocacacolacol #FundacionCocaCola . EcoPazifico arrived at a very opportune moment in […]

Recycling Station Ecopazifico Coca-Cola Foundation

How to Build a raised bed garden!During our second round of Permaculture action week, we looked to  strengthen the recycling system that we have been co-creating with the communities of the majestic territory of @parquescolombia URAMBA BAHIA MALAGA.

We are immensely happy and grateful to announce that #fundacioncocacola @cocacolacol is now also part of our sponsors, as they have joined our eco-trail RUTA DEL MAPARE, understanding that environmental education is essential to strengthen the culture of recycling in our country.

3 steps to reduce plastic pollution In December 2014, Ecopazifico had the privilege of being invited to contribute to the beach clean-up and environmental education of the island of Tierra Bomba. ⛰️ And when we say privilege it is because @namastebeachclub became one of our great allies and part of our family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 This island […]

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