Recycling station Tierra bomba

Operation station #2 in Tierra Bomba with Cocacola

Tierra Bomba now has its second recycling station located in Punta Arena. 

During the socialization and environmental education process, the community was asked to follow 3 steps to mitigate plastic pollution on beaches, trails, and marshes.

Thanks to our #Guardaplayas, and our alliance with the @guadia_ambiental_colombia, Asocomangle, and @fundacion_bahia the proposal was very well accepted by the community.

These steps are:

  1. Separate waste at home.
  2. Do not burn or bury waste.
  3. Keep the surroundings of the house clean at all times.


During this week of Permaculture, awareness, socialization and environmental education, we also created a mural of #Mapare collected in beach clean-ups together with our @amigosdelmar

We celebrate our recycling station #2 in the beautiful community of punta arena, with a beach clean up, where 21 volunteers participated  and collected:

-Ordinary: 28.61 Kg

-Glass: 8.16 Kg

-Profitable: 14.86 kg

This clean-up was carried out from the new Mapare mural in the community, passing through the recycling stations 2 and 1 and ending at the @NamasteBeachClub hotel facilities where we carry out constant beach cleaning and environmental education work in the community. 

People passing around the place will already have a station available to deposit plastic, glass, metal, and plastic wrap in an orderly manner, as both the #guardaplayas, @veoliacartagena, and #Asocomangle, make sure to collect, weigh, the materials that are deposited here and also keep the stations clean.

Thank you #FundacionCocaCola
and @CocaColaCol for joining Ecopazifico!

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