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Operation Station 2 in LADRILLEROS with Coca-Cola Foundation

How to Build a raised bed garden!

During our second round of Permaculture action week, we looked to  strengthen the recycling system that we have been co-creating with the communities of the majestic territory of @parquescolombia URAMBA BAHIA MALAGA.

During this week, our  team of environmental education continued to socialize the new recycling stations that we are being installed in the community of Ladrilleros and soon, in La Barra.

These socialization  are really important,  because if the people in the community are not informed about this new recycling system in the territory, it would be useless to install these beautiful structures.

Our project is mainly dedicated to children and young people so, we wanted to remind the new generation the ancestral way of growing food in the Pacific region, through the creation of “azoteas”, which means a vegetable garden, that is raised to sow herbs and vegetables.

In the territory, we have learned that in ecosystems rich like these. Where  there is abundance, biodiversity, rains, or drought, growing food can be a challenge.

For this reason, we have designed an easy and simple structure to build, which protects the animals crops, and also the jungle trees.  Because  our main proposal it  is to build with logs that reach the beaches with the tides.

Our formidable team being from the territory, know in depth the dynamics of these communities and thanks to this. We have always managed to create spaces where we can transmit this valuable information that it is always warmly received by people.

In this week, we joined with the environmental Ladrilleros committee, people helped to cleanup of the community and the beach. The Ecopazifico team and volunteers went to the beach, where tons of micro plastics, and styrofoam, which was almost impossible to collect, as these are mixed with the logs, sticks, and leaves that also it is arrive with the tides to these beautiful beaches.

Our team thanks the Ladrilleros environmental committee for their efforts to beautify the community, since they understand that the planet belongs to everyone!

We were able to collect:

  • 8 sacks of PET bottles.
  • 6 sacks of glass.
  • 3 sacks of flip flops.
  • 1 sack of caps.

The dream of seeing recycling stations throughout Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, and La Barra, it is manifesting itself, and we could not be more proud of this!

Thanks to #FundacionCocacola we were able to install this beautiful recycling station in the Ladrilleros Community.

In this season, we learn to make azorras , that it is raised gardens, typical traditions of the Colombian Pacific region. This is important to grow herbs and vegetables protecting crops from excess sun, water, and, animals.

Infinite thanks to #FundacionCocacola @Cocacolacol for supporting our initiative and helping us keep the beaches of our Pacific clean.

Always grateful  to the Community Juanchaco & Ladrilleros, and La Barra council   for believing in a better planet for future generations of their communities;  #ASOTUR;  @Fundancestral #ECOURAMBA.

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