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Transforming lives, cultivating a sustainable future

Ecopacific Foundation and Namasté are proud to present the Quantum Project, a pioneering permaculture initiative on the island of Tierra Bomba. This project not only seeks to establish itself as a reference model in the region, but also aims to transform the lives of communities and build a more sustainable future for the planet.



An oasis of learning and self-sufficiency:

First permaculture school in the Colombian Caribbean: Provide education and training to local communities in sustainable agricultural practices and self-sufficient lifestyles.
Experiential learning space: Workshops, courses and practical experiences to immerse yourself in the philosophy and techniques of permaculture.
Sustainable development model: Demonstrate the viability of a model of life in harmony with nature, satisfying the basic needs of the community.
Unique opportunities for the private sector:

Become an agent of change:

Support an innovative project with high social impact: Your contribution will transform the lives of the Tierra Bomba communities and lay the foundations for a more sustainable future.
Strengthen your corporate image: Partner with a cutting-edge environmental initiative and demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility.
Access tax benefits: Take advantage of tax incentives available to companies that support sustainable development projects.
Sponsorship levels:

Infrastructure and Sustainability:

Platinum: Professional design and renderings, herbalist, solar panels, desalination plant, drinking water filters, biogas system, bedrooms, rainwater collection system, gray water recycling system, biodigesters, dry toilets incinerators.
Gold: Solar panels, desalination plant, drinking water filters, biogas system, bedrooms, rainwater collection system.
Silver: Rainwater collection system, gray water recycling system, biodigesters.
Green Spaces and Education:

Platinum: Fruit grove, seeds and orchards, natural pool.
Gold: Fruit grove, seeds and orchards.
Silver: Seeds and gardens.
Accommodation and Training:

Platinum: Tiny homes or prefabricated houses, internships and university studies.
Gold: Tiny homes or prefabricated houses.
Silver: Internships and university studies.
For more information and sponsorship options:

Rommy Schreiber
+57 (310) 422-1553
Together we will build a green and prosperous future for Tierra Bomba and the planet!

You can make a donation directly at the following link:

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