4Oceans 2 year celebration


Our hot and sexy miami crew, got together to celebrate 4Ocean´s 2 year anniversary beach clean up celebration!
We arrived in a super cool and stylish Party Limo Bus with matching T-shirts wishing 4Ocean a happy 2 year anniversary. We cleaned the Mangroves surrounding the park and met the amazing crew and volunteers from all over the world!

This sweet moments of the clean up were captured by our dear @PipeYanguas: Photographer that documents the PASSIONS of your Life in a Photobiography. Ecopazifico Miami crew got together to celebrate 2 year anniversary with 4Ocean. Part of our crew drove together from Miami Downtown to Spanish River Park in Boca Raton. A really cool and stylish party limo bus took us all there!

The Beach was so nice and clean. But still lots and lots of MICROPLASTICS AND CIGARETT BUTTS found all over the place. ITS SO ANNOYING,To think that any animal can die at any moment if we don’t pick this small pieces of pollution!

Our crew also went into the Mangroves and clean as much as possible in there. We are so happy to have joined this clean up with 4Ocean; an organization that has focus so well on cleaning beaches in different parts fo the world, like Haiti, Bali, Florida, and now looking forward to collaborate even more with us in Colombia! Congratulations! Lets prove the world that together we can protect our oceans. Again, thank you for capturing this beautiful shots.

Look at full pictures by amazing @thePhotobiographer @PipeYanguas (info@thephotobiographer.com) in our Facebook page.


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