After school activities with the local kids and volunteers. We use sacks, buckets, and bins, to collect, classify, and wash the material found on the beach. We send the clean and washed material to recycling facilities in Buenaventura with the help of the Colombian Navy.

What is “MAPARE“?

Every piece of plastic found on the beach, is MAPARE : “Material Para revivir” (Material to revive!). Trash is a negative word and we want to cancel it from the vocabulary of children and volunteers. We collect MAPARE and separate it by colors and type of plastic or material. We are bringing the best finds of Mapare back to the city so that artists can create art pieces! For participating in our Mapare collection activities,The children always get rewarded by different utensil of the the #infinityKit a set of reusable items to reduce their own waste consumption. Sometimes they also get rewarded by AcroYoga, circus, face painting or environmental educational films.


All though our beach clean up activities are mostly are extracurricular activities of #Mapare collect with the local children, we do organize massive collaboration clean up operations in partnership with organizations like Ocean Conservancy and 4Ocean.

volunteer beach cleanup Colombia
  • Lugar: Colombia - Juanchaco, Ladrilleros and La Barra.
  • Fecha: 17-09-2016.

Our first collaboration with Ocean Conservancy was in sept 2016. This year our first permaculture action week program was develop, synchronized with the international coastal clean up day of Ocean Consevancy…

Total trash collected 8000%

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  • Lugar: Colombia - Juanchaco, Ladrilleros and La Barra.
  • Fecha: 18-09-2017.

For this international coastal clean up day, over 100 national and international volunteers gathered in the beach of Juanchaco to collect over 2 tons of trash…

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Beach Cleanups Colombia
  • Lugar: Colombia - Juanchaco, Ladrilleros and La Barra
  • Fecha: 19-05-2018

4Ocean is a company dedicated to do beach clean ups in Florida, Bali, Haiti, and recently joined our efforts in Colombia; together with FoKus Green sustainable fashion company from Medellin and Amigos del Mar foundation from Cartagena, we organized an weekend clean up in collaboration with 4Ocean.

Plastic Waste 797.51%

Glass Waste 442.72%

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Ocean Conservancy Beach Cleanup Colombia-ecopazifico-
  • Lugar: Colombia - Juanchaco, Ladrilleros y La Barra.
  • Fecha: 15-09-2018.

For the international coastal clean up day with ocean conservancy, we manage to collect over 3 tons of trash from the beaches of Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, and La barra, with the help of over 120 volunteers.

Material to Revive: MAPARE 155%

Styrofoam: Icopuerco 260%

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  • Lugar: Colombia - La Bocana.
  • Fecha: 18-10-2018.

The secretary of Tourism of Valle del Cauca had the initiative to improve tourism in the beautiful beach town, “LA BOCANA”; making a day of murals to beautify a section of the beach.

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