1. Some knowledge of Spanish, or at least the will to learn it.
  2. Being flexible: things in colombia and specially in the pacific go at a much slower speed than in places that we are used to. Things can change any time, and we have to be flexible to adjust to the culture, needs and customs of the community and the kids.
  3. Strong will to communicate and connect with children. This program is about environmental education for kids, they are the future guardians of this paradise, and our focus is with them.
  4. Ability to share in community. We share a house, the food, and the space together!
  5. Ability to follow group dynamics and rules.
  6. Having a personal stable situation, and not taking strong mental medications or coming with a serious illness.
  7.  Willing to do regular beach clean ups, this is a paradise, but it is full of “trash” (MAPARE). We clean the beach every day, wash the trash and bring it up to the house to make art with it.
  8.  Willing  to wake up early in sacred silence to meditate, and then do yoga, acroyoga or bodywork.( this is optional). This is to keeps us centered and balanced as a group and as individuals to be shiny for ourselves and for the kids.

Keep in mind that this is not a holiday spot or a yoga retreat, so please be mindful that you are coming to put energy and love into cleaning the beaches, playing to educate the kids and making art with them. We hope you come to share your special talent with us and the community! Application, Form, and Agreements must be send and signed.


Recommended to bring

  1. waterproof things: Rain poncho and Rain boots is a MUST. Bring clothes that get dry fast. It a tropical rain forest, constantly raining and lost of humidity.
  2. Vaccines
  3. Insect repellent, and biodegradable personal higiene products.
  4. Travel and health insurance, please send a copy of your passport and health insurance.
  5. Games, books, or activities (printed in spanish) to share with the children. Google some games and information about environmental education, as well  as ideas for UPCYCLING (fotos Printed), videos and movies.
  6. Super food kit to share with the crew, since we are really far out in the jungle.
  7. Working gloves (to pick trash or build), construction silicon, (the one they use to glue aquariums) or anything that you can find to glue plastic to other materials together. Clippers, wire, strong glues, and any tools you can think of to work with plastics! (we are in need of a good drill, dremmel or/and a good staple gun if you have a spare one that you would like to donate)
  8. Flash light and candles.
  9. Mosquito net for sleeping.
  10. Yoga Mat.


Food is costing us about 300.000 per person per month. which is about 125 Euros.


We are trying to secure a house for all volunteers. Will update if its necessary to bring money for housing.

Benefits from volunteering

  • Credits and bonuses for participation, including trophies, certificates and medals of honor made through upcycling MAPARE!
  • Learning a lot of different disciplines and methods to keep sharing with the world.
  • Good Karma!

Getting There

  1. You fly to Cali, then you can spend the night there, ( either in my house if I am in the city or in Rollin keepers hostel, who is hosting the volunteers for 20.000 per night -https://www.facebook.com/rollinkeepers.rk
  2. Then take a bus from Cali bus terminal to Buenaventura. It takes 3 hours, costs 21,000 pesos, (about 10 euros).
  3. Once in the Buenaventura  bus terminal take a 5 minute taxi to the “Muelle Turistico” (boat port) (some times the army transport us too, so it depends on your arrival day and capability).  Buy a boat ticket (preferably with Bahia Mar, they have better boats)  to Juanchaco, it cost 25,000 colombian pesos.
  4. After a 1 hour boat ride you will arrive to Juanchaco, and we will be there waiting for you!!!!!!


For International flights


Good connections from all over U.S.A to Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin, and Armenia

National Flights in Colombia






This is a really nice night bus that sometimes is even more expensive that the flights. Wifi On board! Its safe, Comffy and it takes one night. If you take this option make sure you take the 11pm or 12pm so that you arrive during morning time to Cali. The terminal is in the north of the city, then you should take a taxi to Rollin Keepers, not so far from the Bus Terminal. Make sure to bring a good sleeping bag for the way,  it can be a really cold ride.


  • The closest big airport to BuenaVentura is CALI “ Alfonso Bonilla Aragon”
  • Arrival to Cali : Core participants for first cycle expected on the 15th of September.
  • Transfer to BuenaVentura 4-5 Hr
  • Boat Transfer to Juanchaco 1 hour
  • If this is too much to do in one day, please consider arriving a few days before to Cali and grounding there before departing to the pacific.
  • Accomodation can be provided by Rollin Keepers Hostel in the North of Cali, Barrio Granda, who have offered special discounts to the Ecopazifico Members.

Vaccines and health

We would like to use our time sharing this program, and not getting sick. So please come prepare for this beautiful jungle full of moskitos, and remember that this is a remote place where water system does not exist. The water we consume is unfortunately from gallons of water that we must bring from Buenaventura.

YELLOW FEVER. RECOMMENDED. Depending on your experience with mosquitoes and jungle life, you might need this vaccine. Some countries will also ask you to have this vaccines when you are coming from Colombia (Costa Rica is one of them) so be prepared and get informed about policies if you plan to visit other countries after your participation with EcoPazifico. With a good repellent nothing should happen unless you go and wonder in the jungle at sunset or sunrise hours.
MALARIA There is a risk of Malaria, we recommend going to your next  travelling health center and getting some of the Anti Malaria pills and instructions about what you need in the Pacific Jungle in Colombia.
TYPHUS This vaccine prevents you from getting ill form your belly.