Our lifestyle and the way we act on this project is based initially in the priciples of :

Permacutlture, holistic education, the concetp of recilency, and  Upcycling!

Permaculture follows this 3 principals:

Care for Earth, Care for People, care for resources.

To apply this principles , permaculture proposes to follow this 12 habits every day:

  1. Observe and Interact
  2. Capture and save energy.
  3. Endurance
  4. Apply autoregulation and acept retronourisment
  5. Use and Value the services of the renewable services
  6. do not  prodcue waste
  7. Disign models and details
  8. Integrate is better than segregate
  9. solution to small things and space with time.
  10. use and value diversity
  11. use the borders to value the marginal.
  12. use creativity to respond to change

Holistic Education

The holistic ways or integral education , is an eduational philosophy in a constructive way, based on that every person can find meaning , sense or identity in their lifes., through the life in community, the natural world, and the human values like peace and compassion.

This is a complete education that wants to awake a devotion for life and passion for learning.

from  this perspective , education is considered an alive sistem and in constant progrress and evolution. The holistic ways   are interdependency diversity, totality, flow, change, unity, sutainability etc.. are the based of a new educational paradigm, wich objective is the integral formation of the human being. A formation that overcomes the  Newtonain/Cartesian paradigm of the Mecanical science of the XVII and that today  continues to rule in the different educational systems.


The concept of Resilenci corresponds to the Human capacity  to fase life situations , and overcome them getting out stronger and transformed.

To be resilent is to have the capacity of being human and react positivly in any tipe of difficult sitation, no matter how difficult.

Resilency also means the possibility of bulding an new positive situation , based on the strenghs of the human being.

Resilency is the hability to use any unwanted experience to proyect the future. Is to reffer to the possibility to absorv the change to keep and hold integrity in any proces..

This are the factors that characterize the concept of Recilency:

  1. Introspection: capacity to examine internally, asking yourself difficult questions, and give honest answers.
  2. Interdependece: Capacity to keep physical and emotional distance to the problems, without creating asylum.
  3. Interaction: the capacity to stablish intimate and satisfying bonds with other people.
  4. Initiative: the capacity to do something about the problems, and be in control of them.
  5. Creativity : the capacity to create order, beauty, and objects trhoug chaos and mess.
  6. Sense of Humor: predisposition of the spirit for happiness, allowing yourself to be away from tension and to be alive and postive.
  7.  Moral conciousness: All the values internalized by each perosn , thorugh vital develptment.

Up Cycling!

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.