Purpose of the EcoPazifico Project:

This Project is intended to provide children with knowledge and experiences that invites them to see “Trash “as a resource and not as waste. That’s why we are replacing the Word “Trash” for MAPARE= Material Para Revivir (Material to Revive).
Through workshops, videos, talks, and physical activities, we present the students global environmental issues which directly affects them and the alternatives are that are out there ready to be adapted to the local needs of the inhabitants.

  • Visit the Region of the south Pacific coast of Colombia with an interdisciplinary colective of professionals, that are formed  to educate about sustainability. The wish and the Experience of this professionals is the work in group and community.
  • Offer a program that includes all our knowledge, capacities, methosd, alternatives to this community, so that together with it, we can crate multiplicators of knowledge concious of the importance of harmony  between mankind and nature.
  • Create conciousness in the communities about their potentials and the singularity of their culture and sorroundings. This qualities will give them a higher  value to all type of products that they  elaborate.
  • Present green busieness alternatives that are sustainable to the community and that support their local economy.
  • Desacelerate the deterioration of the environment and the habits of irresponsible consumption.
  • Keep the Beach contantly clean , reutilizing the Waste in an artistic way  with educational programas that offer multiple alternativesto the problematic.
  • Institutionalize this new lifestyle in the regions as a global example.
  • Encourage the implementation of a proper waste management and treatment system in the region.