About us

Ecopazifico is an interdisciplinary collective formed by professionals from all over the world with the common wish and will to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Its members come from diverse backgrounds, including Resilent activists/artists such as: Permaculturists, Body Workers , sociologists,Humanitarian clowns, Up-cyclers,politologists, etc... The main idea of the project is to co-create programs with the communities of the coastal regions based on their necessities, culture and social structure. Through our programs we look forward the implementation of changing the concept and the meaning of “Trash” for MAPARE: Material Para revivir (Material to Revive) Que Viva el Mapare!


Our story

In the Southwest of the Colombian Pacific Coast, are the remote beaches of Juanchaco, Ladrilleros and La Barra.

Only 10 minutes away is the Bahía Malaga (Malaga Bay) National Park. These beautiful beaches are inhabited by people of Afro descendant, indigenous communities, and thousands of unique species not found anywhere else in the world.

Upon arrival to this region, you will be greeted by children with huge smiles playing soccer on the beach, joyful music, and kindness everywhere. This rich paradise of natural treasures and biodiversity creates a sublime ecosystem that attracts hundreds of Humpback Wales every year between the mating season of July through November. The whales travel from Antarctica thousands of kilometers to give birth to their offspring in this beautiful ocean. Mangrove forests essential to maintaining the ecosystem in balance flourish, and rivers flowing out to the sea surround these majestic bays.

Currently, this region is affected by the excessive accumulation of all kinds of plastic waste that wash up every day with the tide. This problem has been getting worse due the global increase in plastic production and improper waste disposal. This global problem affects corners of the world, such as ours, where there are by default no ways to deal with it.

That is why, from September on of this year, EcoPazifico has taken the great initiative to visit these beaches with proposals and alternatives that will be presented in schools and the community in general.

Through artistic and creative activities, we will share information about the current problems that the planet is facing at an ecological level and we will expose various practical alternatives that can be applied according to the needs and culture of the communities. This program is being designed to create a chain of continuous lessons that train the participants; to expand their knowledge, and impart techniques that can be passed on to others.

Purpose of the EcoPazifico Project

This Project is intended to provide children with knowledge and experiences that invites them to see “Trash “as a resource and not as waste.

That’s why we are replacing the Word “Trash” for MAPARE= Material Para Revivir (Material to Revive).
Through workshops, videos, talks, and physical activities, we present the students global environmental issues which directly affects them and the alternatives are that are out there ready to be adapted to the local needs of the inhabitants.

  • Visit the Region of the south Pacific coast of Colombia with an interdisciplinary colective of professionals , that are formed  to educate about sustainability. The wish and the Experience of this professionals is the work in group and community.
  • Offer a program that includes all our knowledge, capacities, methosd, alternatives to this community, so that together with it, we can crate multiplicators of knowledge concious of the importance of harmony  between mankind and nature.
  • Create conciousness in the communities about their potentials and the singularity of their culture and sorroundings. This qualities will give them a higher  value to all type of products that they  elaborate.
  • Present green busieness alternatives that are sustainable to the community and that support their local economy.
  • Desacelerate the deterioration of the environment and the habits of irresponsible consumption.
  • Keep the Beach contantly clean , reutilizing the Waste in an artistic way  with educational programas that offer multiple alternativesto the problematic.
  • Institutionalize this new lifestyle in the regions as a global example.
  • Encourage the implementation of a proper waste management and treatment system in the region.
Juanchaco - Ladrilleros - La Barra
Plastic Waste

Challenges of the Area

The Beaches of Juanchaco , Ladrilleros and La Barra, located on the souht pacific coast of Colombia, have been suffering from the ecological impact generated by all sorts of waste that arrive with the tide every day.

This beaches are the Home of a great variety of species and cultures uniques in the world, that are getting destroyed at an accelerated rythm provoking irreversible damages. A good example of this is the Humpback whales that travel here from the Antartic to give birth.

The excessive accomulation of plastic in the oceans, is putting at risk their survival, since the plastic is being confused by food, and when ingested it provoques the intoxication and the death of this beings.

Another example is that the communities that belong to this region, have beeen facing this problem without the proper knowledge and methods. The only solutions that they have found is the burning and burrying of the waste. In general the accumulation of garbage in the beach has been a great economical dilema for the inhabitants of this region, since turism wich is one of their main income has been reduced.

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